Moms, This is How God Feels About You


The day was classically sunny and warm. The grass in the yard was coarse and different from what I grew up on.

Thailand was always a breathe of sweet relief to me and my little family. It meant time with co-workers who understood the passions and struggles of life on the mission field. It is a country of freedom in the midst of restrictive ones.

Deep exhale.

I joined other young moms out on the lawn, my belly giganormous with number three, hoping the first two were hanging closer to their dad than the local geckos. A kind woman had traveled halfway around the world to encourage us and she had our ears.

She read some words that I had never noticed before. Those words and I were soon to be besties.

The long chapter of Isaiah 40 covers a lot of ground and hidden in the middle, like the sweet little cupcake I was craving, was this verse:

He takes care of his people like a shepherd.
He gathers them like lambs in his arms and carries them close to him.
He gently leads the mothers of the lambs.

Did you hear his words?

Maybe you have read that God is our shepherd in Psalms and that idea may not be brand-spanking new. But did you catch that last part, moms? He is not only kind and near to his people but he has something special to say to one particular group of people: moms of littles.

He gently leads the mothers of the lambs.

God wants you to know that he is especially gentle towards you.

Let those words be aromatherapy for your exhausted self.

We can be harsh with ourselves, can’t we?
How many guilt trips have you taken yourself on for letting snark or anger escape those lips?
How many eye rolls have you given yourself when the house looks like a hot snarled mess?

Good news! God is not grumpy or sarcastic or impatient with you.

His voice is gentle, his reminders are gentle, his directions are given in a gentle way. Kindness, not ridicule is his way. Soft-spoken, not harsh, is his tone.

He understands the stress of raising little savages. He knows the big attitudes and the short attention spans and the over-flowing diapers. He sees the late nights and early mornings; the terrible twos and the the saucy threes; the jam smears, dirty laundry and tiny Barbie shoes permanently lost in the carpet.

You won’t see his head shaking or his finger wagging. What we receive from our Parent is tender compassion.

Some of us need to sit on this concept every day until it becomes part of our permanent view of Daddy God. The most important person in your world is not critical of you but is soft-hearted.

That is what God feels when he hangs out with you, Amazing Mom.

God is gentle with you.

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