One Thing I Know About You and Your Kids

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We have probably all done our share of people watching. If you have little kids, it is at the McDonald’s playplace or the beach or the park, while you keep one eye trained on the chaos you claim as your own.

One thing we learn by observing is that there are about a thousand ways to raise a child. Put one thousand dads at a park and you get that many responses to requests, meltdowns and shenanigans. And we moms are even more diverse.

But as different as we all are, there is one thing that I know about you and your kids. I’m pretty sure of this one. Your kids and mine, you and me, we have something in common.

Every kid out there has gold in them.

Every single one of our kids has an area or two in which they shine. Even the cantankerous ones, even the ornery ones, they excel in something.

And we parents see the gold in them.

Others may miss it, but we catch glimpses of it. Teachers don’t always detect it, friends may completely disregard it, but not us. Our eyes are trained to pick up even the littlest fleck of good in our kids.

We see brilliance in them that, when projected into their future, makes them look like heroes. Their acrobat abilities, their kindness, the way they solve puzzles, we know they are gifted.

When we peek into their futures we don’t dream of them making millions and being famous. No, we imagine our kids being good people. We want them to use their smarts and nurturing to make their world a better place. We see them rocking their duties as parents, being a role model in their communities, benefiting their churches and bringing betterment where ever they work and to whomever they befriend.

We see our kids changing the world, even for one person or one community.

Friends, my parenting tribe, we have some serious power sitting around our kitchen tables and playing in our backyards. Our kids were all created for purpose and for influence and for the good of those around them.

I’m smiling to myself as I type these words because I am so excited for all of us. Stoked!

What are we going to do with these little packs of dynamite we call our children?

How do we launch them into adulthood?

What do we teach them now to enable them to be the heroes of tomorrow?

I have a few ideas up my sleeve to get this conversation started. I hope that you will join me on this adventure because it’s going to take all of us strong parents to catapult this next generation into greatness.

We, the gold-seers, propelling the gold-hearted into their God-given destinies.

We. Can. Do this!

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