The One Question Our Kids are Asking

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Can I have a snack?
Can I smell your armpit?
Is God in my tummy?
Why do I ask a lot of questions?

If you know any kids at all, you could probably add some interesting ones to the list.

Kids are fabulous at asking questions.

But the one they ask the most, not with their mouths but with their hearts, might be more complicated than any one question they could dream up. Even at bedtime.

Who am I?

Our kids are constantly being tossed labels that declare them to be smart or stupid, kind or mean, silly or sneaky or shy. They need to differentiate between the real and the made-up labels.

Here is where we adults grab the microphone. Parents (and grandparents, mentors and Sunday School teachers) it is our job to introduce our kids to their true selves. 

Have you ever been given a preschool drawing? The kind you study mystified and finally ask, “Hey Sweetie, can you tell me about this interesting picture?” 

That kid knows. She can talk for far too long describing this and that and why and how. 

Because as the creator, she knows every mark’s true identity.

Our kids desperately need to know what their Creator has to say about them and their purpose and why and how.

 What God says about our kids is powerful and they need to hear it!

As a family, we have been declaring these words over ourselves recently:

I am completely and fully loved.
It’s not true just because I say I am, it’s true because God says I am.
He thinks I am.
He knows I am.
And truth comes from God.
Even if the world says something different.
Even if my mind tells me something different.
Even if I feel something different.
What God says is true no matter what and I believe it.
Today I believe the Word of God beyond all other words.

In proclaiming these words, we set ourselves up to discover the powerful things that God says about us.

Our kids are world changers.
To change their worlds they must know three things:
1. Who God is
2. Who they are
3. Jesus’ Ways

Do you want to raise world changers too?

The next dynamic generation is asking the question: Who Am I?
Let’s tell them!