Things I Stink At and Why You Might Care

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I have disappointed myself with my mothering too many times to count.

I stink at a lot of things, these being the first on my mind:

1. I have a hard time finishing. I will organize my kids clothes and then leave the bag for Salvation Army at the top of the stairs for two weeks. Three, if I’m not expecting my mom to visit.

2. I have not taught my kids to cook because I am too impatient and it makes my skin crawl to watch the mess.

3. My two-year-old said a word that is illegal in our house and I think he heard it from me.

Do other moms have these issues? Do they ever scream at their kids? We see our junk but we rarely see their’s.

Maybe you have been like me and compared yourself to other moms strutting their stuff.

Organized Mom, with her clever shoe rack and her themed toddler bedroom.

Halo Mom, with only pure sugar escaping her lips.

Every-Day’s-A-Holiday Mom, Athletic Mom, Fashionista Mom, PTA Mom, Crafty Mom, All-Organic Mom, Pom-Pom Mom… Need I go on?

There are so many ways we can excel as moms and we all rock at something. Maybe you are the Mom of whom I stand slack-jawed.

Sources tell us that the average person spends around two hours a day on social media. What are we doing there? Watching other people be creative and healthy and funny and brilliant.

Is it very possible that since last week, we moms have seen and read fourteen hours worth of creative outfits, workouts, hacks, snacks and packs from other women. That is almost an entire awake day. Ok, half a day.

We all know this little fact but I’m going to remind us of it anyway:

We cannot be good at everything!

Can not.

Halo Mom can’t cook a Vietnamese meal to save her life. Holiday Mom has a splitting headache because, well, activities.

In all of the scrolling and pinning and liking, we must settle in our hearts who we really are. Comparison is at the tip our souls every single day and it wants to tackle us and smother us with a trendy, hand-sewn pillow.

There are many ways to fight off the smothering and here are my three favorite:

1. Know our true identity! That would be the one God himself gave us. All others are impostors.
2. Be real! So-long perfect persona. We can let our flaws and weaknesses show up too. Yes, even on social media.
3. Invite a friend! When we bring others into our actual lives and real houses, our dirty laundry and our simple sandwich dinners break down comparison in the light of reality.

My hope is that as we see what other moms stink at, we would have grace for ourselves and the grip of comparison would become a thing of the past.

As our world fills up with confident moms who recognize their strengths and their weaknesses, the kids living in their homes are going to be launched with force into a confident future!

And maybe Athletic Mom can run the launch drill.

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  1. I love this. And I stink at cooking, organizing, sports, and Mondays. 😅

    • Oh gosh. Yes, how could I forget about Mondays??

  2. You are absolutely right, we all stink at something. As mom's we need to remember this and give ourselves some slack. I stink at keeping plants alive, having a clean car, and laundry!

  3. A clean car? Oh that sounds like a dream. 😊

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