Why Moms Should Disappear for the Weekend

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I sat in my jungle and methodically pulled out the tall weeds harassing my peppers and squash.

It was cheap therapy and it allowed me to keep an eyeball on my five littles prancing around the yard.

My disappointment with life was high.

My belly babies had come in rapid succession: boom, boom, boom, boom-boom.

You can probably imagine what my world looked like: snotty marks on my shoulders and enough diapers to sink a stinky ship.

We had just returned from living overseas where I believed I was a part of some big important work.

Toddler poop did not feel important. Nor did a single one of the mundane, mothering tasks I crossed off my daily list.

In one of my therapy sessions, a crazy thought announced itself:
There might be more to me than just mothering.

Maybe I was really and truly created for something more.

But what?
And how?

Now mind you, I was a great mom, as most of us are. Never perfect for one smart second, but loving and intentional and devoted. I breast-fed and read stories and squeezed chubby cheeks with a fervor.
I loved being a mom.

So was it okay to wish for more than motherhood?
Was I being greedy? Narcissistic?
Would I become a lousy mom if I chased other passions?

Have you ever heard something that so resonated with your soul that you could not shake it?

Me too.

Author and Communicator Shauna Niequist tells about watching her mother come alive in her 50’s and 60’s after launching her kids. Of how her mom held off her passion for social justice because logistically it was just too difficult to fit it into her already full life.

What her mother taught her was this:

“Everyone benefits when women tap into their passions and use the gifts that God has given them.”
-Shauna Niequist

That is precisely why I packed my pens and disappeared last weekend. I showed up to a fabulous conference for writers and speakers called Speak Up in Grand Rapids, MI.

I learned more about pushing through and promoting and publishing.
I spent two and a half days pursuing my other callings of writing and speaking.

Mom friends, you have gifts in you too. 
You have dreams and talents and genius that the world needs. 

And you know the first ones who will benefit?

Our daughters and our sons.

What does it look like to live out of passion and not just duty?

We look happy and free and full. That’s what.
We make God look really, really good.

Our kids need to see that.

Right here. Right now.

You don’t have ten hours a week to chase your genius?
Me neither.

But I have one.
Do you?

Maybe you need to disappear for a weekend and stir up your other passions.

You, friend, are a dynamite mom.
And so much more!

Chase on!

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