4 Ways to Get Scripture into Your Busy Life

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The alarm clock rings. Feet shuffle and your day begins.

Serve. Hustle. Grind.

The alarm clock is set again. You lean into your pillow, exhausted by the day.


Once upon a time, I had five babies and the oldest was in preschool. I didn’t have time to glance in the mirror, much less sit down with a book.

I still find myself in seasons of great hustle. I’m always asking how I can be smarter with the time I have and still get Scripture in my life.

Reading the Bible is only one of the ways to connect with God, but it’s a big one. 
So let’s go there.

Here are four simple ways to ingest Scripture if you have a (very) busy life:

1. Utilize YouVersion.

The YouVersion Bible app is the best thing since sliced communion bread.

Not only is it free and boasts hundreds of versions, but you can even get a daily verse in your inbox.

(Tap More in the bottom right corner.
Verse of the Day.
Slide Get Daily Mail button.
Choose preferred time and version.)

YouVersion will also read chapters to you in a smooth voice as you reunite with your pillow at night. The timer lets you choose 10 minutes or 2 hours, however long you need to fall asleep.

This is one of the most peaceful ways to end a day. 

2. Wear Scripture tattoos.

Have you seen these? Armed with Truth has temporary tattoos of Scripture verses to help you memorize or keep truth close all day long.

Check out their different themes and verses for adults and don’t miss the special kids pack too.

The prophet Moses urged his people to wear God’s words on their hands and their foreheads as a constant reminder of how big God was in their lives. Three thousand years later, the idea lives on. Solidarity, Mo.

3. Meditate in the shower.

There is value in reading generous chunks at a time but there is also value in brooding over a single line.

In those busy seasons when time is tight but dependence on God is high, I grab a verse, read it and then repeat it to myself as I do the mundane scrubbing and dressing. As the words and concepts roll through my mind, truth does it’s thing.

One timely phrase can be more powerful than a whole chapter. Especially if the chapter is in Leviticus.

4. Read it to someone.

It is not always possible to sneak away from our people to ingest Bible verses so why not read it to our people?

Our family reads a few verses in the morning over Cheerios. Or in a pinch, on the ride to school.

If you find yourself reading bedtime stories to kids, grab a Jesus story and actually listen to what you are saying. (Because every parent knows how to auto-read. You know you do.)

If your kids aren’t available to read Scripture to anymore, maybe a telemarketer will call and you can freak them out.


I am absolutely convinced that God’s words are alive and powerful and that the Bible is stuffed with his words.

Reading it brings life and power.

And who doesn’t need life and power in the midst of their busy weeks?

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  1. Um. Those tattoos, though. It's brilliant! How have I not heard of this???

    • Aren't those tats great? I want to know why no one has thought of these before. Hello!

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