About Me

Hey, I’m Carissa. I wish our meeting could be two-sided because reading a bio is flat. Also, I’m not really getting to know you this way. 


I want you to know from the get-go, I am a mess most days.

Toss together some opinionated kids, a touch of perfectionism, noise, farming and a mom who tends to  s t r e s s  and what do you have?
A heavy dependence on Jesus. 

If you can relate to any/all of that and you want to do more than just survive your kids’ childhood, if you are passionate about raising kids to make a generous difference in whatever world they find themselves, then I am pecking my keys with YOU in mind.

W E L C O M E !


Six fun facts about me:
1. My husband and I met at an airport in Thailand on a missions trip. We were both 19 and it was a hard and fast fall that I have never recovered from.
2. Our first five kids came from my body in rapid succession. The oldest was still four when our twins were born. Heaven help us.
3. Our little family lived in China for four years, long ago when I was in my twenties.
4. We added a singing princess from Uganda and a little caboose through domestic infant adoption, bringing the total balance to: 7.
5. My husband farms potatoes here in the midwest and we think this life is a great way to raise kids.
6. I think that we parents rock. You and me. I am convinced of this. Our kids have so much going for them simply because they have us flawed and loving parents walking them through their kidhood, pointing out the best ways.

Photo by Impressions Photography