Pros and Cons of the Big Family (According to the Kids)

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Those seven, they are all ours. And, much to their exasperation, they belong to each other.

None of them remember what a small family feels like because the first five came so quickly. Large is all they have ever known.

If an afternoon finds only a few of them at home, they roam the yard, not knowing how to function without a crowd.

The Big Family is definitely a hit with (most of) us and I’m going to tell you why. But to be fair, I want to first let you in on the hard stuff, the cons as perceived by our cherubs.

The 7 biggest {KID} CONS of the Big Family:

  1. “It’s impossible to be alone.” This was said by KIDS WHO HAVE THEIR VERY OWN ROOM WITH DOORS THAT LOCK. So I think we can pretty much ignore this one.
  2. “Mom gets our names mixed up.” Completely and entirely true. I have been known to stop after 3 tries and just ask, “What is your name?”
  3. “We can’t go anywhere.” The bellyaching kids have been to four countries, 12 states, the county fair and Bob Evans. What more do children want?
  4. “The fighting.” Apparently my kids have caught on to the domino effect. When any two start that jig, everyone else feels compelled to bring their own clash into the battle. Pandemonium.
  5. “You get woken up in the morning.” Because kids in small families have not woken up this morning. They have probably been asleep their whole entire lives.
  6. “We can only play two sports.” And he wasn’t even telling the whole story. Until high school, they can only play one sport a year. You got that right, buddy.
  7. “Our van looks like a giant turd.” If it has the capacity to carry an entire slumber party, don’t be hating on the color. A fifteen passenger van may feel uncool to a teenage, but that thing is this mom’s dream. If you can name it, we can haul it.

The 7 biggest {KID} PROS of the Big Family:

  1. “We always have someone to play with.” They all feel this way. Mad at a sibling? Move on to the next one. They wrinkle their nose at you? Keep looking. Their odds are pretty high in a big family.
  2. “We can play fun games.” Soccer, Pictionary, or even group games normally reserved for reunions or class parties can be played with their very own siblings. In their very own home!
  3. “We have a big house and yard.” Now wait a minute. Why is it terrible horrible to have a big brown van, but somehow a big brown house is so fantastic? Who is making up these rules?
  4. “We get stuff done fast.” With all those kids making snacks and snipping paper and trying out electrical sockets, our dining room gets messy lickety-split. But when we turn those kids lose on a clean-up project: Boom.
  5. “Way more jokes.” This mom may be rolling her eyes at the knock-knock variety that don’t make sense, but apparently the kids count the lame ones too.
  6. “It’s easier to buy stuff because a lot of kids are chipping in.” I’m not sure how often this one has come into play, but sure! Let’s add that one.
  7. “I like seeing a lot of toothbrushes in the bathroom.” If only that meant a lot of brushed teeth, I would like that one too, Sweetheart.

So there you have it. The official Pros and Cons list on big families.

One day I jokingly (very jokingly) asked the kids if they wanted another baby and six sets of eyes lit up. The other set of eyes threatened to move out. Still, six out of seven is a rather high percentage, don’t you think?

Don’t miss the REAL Pros and Cons list written by the adults in the family.

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  1. Love this! I come from a medium-ish family (four kids, fostering family) and somehow you and your kids make having a big family sound pretty good. I especially love that "buying stuff" benefit! :D

    • Hi Laura! Mrs. Fantastically Four!
      I'm so glad our family didn't make you shutter in horror. :)
      Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm getting used to this newer, fancier website.

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