Family Prayer Guide

After wandering the hills of the Kutupalong camp in Bangladesh, seeing newly planted vegetable gardens, medical clinics and hesitant smiles, and I felt, among so many other things, lucky. I was so much richer because of that one day in their midst. What could I do with the opportunity I had been gifted? At the very least, I knew I could share it.

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Family Prayer Guide for the Rohingya Refugees

This prayer guide is meant to give your family not just a glimpse at the lives of the Rohingya living in Camp Kutu, but also an invitation to help shape their future by praying.

Divided into five days and filled with a short reading, colorful pictures, discussion questions and prayer ideas for each day, this guide can be read in five minutes on the drive to school or discussed for fifteen minutes at the dinner table.

Thank you for praying with us!

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