We are Catching On


God loves to showcase on the outside, what he is up to on the inside.

We see it all over Jesus’ interactions with people. He fed the crowds and then he talked about being bread for their souls. He gave life to dead legs and then taught about new life for the sinful heart.

We catch on much quicker to physical transformation than we do to spiritual.

So God humors us.

My daughter is a flashing neon sign to what God is up to.

When she came home to us four years ago, she was so quiet and shy; her few little words were inaudible. At age three, she didn’t know how to run or throw a ball. Her body was small and weak. She didn’t know what family meant.

But now? God has taken the things that were mere crumbs and repurposed them into something fresh.

The fancy word for this process is Redemption.

God is redeeming our girl.
He is redeeming her idea of family.
Redeeming her voice and her body.
We see the redemption with our very own eyes.

So here is a reminder for us all:
God is redeeming all the broken and the ugly and the wrong in our lives.

He is taking what is insecure and giving it new identity.
He is taking the hurt and healing it.
He is taking the ugly and investing his beauty in it.
The dead? His breath is giving it a second life.

He is. He is. He really is!
Even when it doesn’t feel true and we have little proof that it’s happening, redemption is transpiring for us Jesus followers.

I declare that God is on the move in every life that allows him, in every relationship, and in every broken place.

What is happening on the outside is most certainly happening on the inside.

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